Day 17: First Day of Basic Algorithm Scripting

Day 17: First Day of Basic Algorithm Scripting

#100DaysOfCode Challenge

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Today’s Progress:

Today I started the Basic Algorithm Scripting section of the JavaScript course from freeCodeCamp. I’m currently 31% complete with this section. Today’s challenges focused on writing algorithms to solve a specific task and incorporated a lot of the concepts taught up until this point.


Today’s challenges were more exercise-based rather than guided examples. I really enjoyed this because it was an opportunity to put what I’ve learned so far into practice. Specifically, I got to practice creating algorithms that used loops to count elements of arrays or write function to accomplish a task like finding the largest word in a string. And I got to practice finding solutions on my own via web/forum searches to piece together the program (a key skill for any developer).


For reference, here are some of the tutorials I found useful:

As usual, to help stay focused I listened to the Battlestar Galactic song Prelude to War on repeat via headphones with noise-reduction. What’s your favorite way to stay focus?

For my progress visit the timeline on my freeCodeCamp Profile.

You can read the full log of my #100DaysOfCode journey on GitHub.