Day 18: Studying Basic Algorithm Scripting with the Music on Repeat

Day 18: Studying Basic Algorithm Scripting with the Music on Repeat

#100DaysOfCode Challenge

Photo by Gabriel Heinzer on Unsplash

Today’s Progress:

Today I continued working on the Basic Algorithm Scripting section of the JavaScript course from freeCodeCamp. I’m currently 44% complete with this section. Today’s challenges focused on writing algorithms to solve a specific task and incorporated a lot of the concepts taught up until this point.


As with yesterday’s session, today’s challenges were exercise based instead of guided examples. This made it more challenging because you’re writing full algorithm scripts instead of just changing a few lines here or there to demonstrate a concept. I enjoyed this challenge because (again) it’s an opportunity to put into practice what I’ve learned up until this point, as well as practicing vital problem-solving skills (i.e., knowing how to find the right resources to solve your problem).

I’m very satisfied with today’s session and only sad that I didn’t have more time and energy to work though more challenges, but that’s okay because rest is also an important component of learning (gotta give those brain neurons time to connect).

Today I decided to switch up my focus music (slightly). Today I chose to listen to Fight Night instead of Prelude to War from the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack (which by the way, I just noticed I spelled incorrectly in my previous posts -__-). This song is shorter than, but has a similar pace/beat as Prelude to War. I like the use of drums, I feel it keeps me moving forward. Again, I listened to it on repeat with noise-reduction headphones.

I forget where I learned it, but I remember reading how listening to music on repeat helps keep you focused because the brain isn’t wasting energy on “deciphering” the patterns in the music. It already knows what’s coming so now it can focus on other tasks, like writing algorithm scripts. I learned that a few years ago and it seemed to work for me so now it’s my go-to trick for when I need to sit down and focus deeply on something.


Here are some of the tutorials I found useful:

For my progress visit the timeline on my freeCodeCamp Profile.

You can read my full journey for #100DaysOfCode on GitHub.