Day 39: Portfolio Updates and Coloring Tetris

#100DaysOfCode Challenge

Today's Progress:

Since I've been at home recovering from laryngitis the past few days I've had some extra time on my heads to lounge around and code. Today I worked on updating my portfolio website to make it more accessible and I continued styling the Tetris app I made.

For the portfolio, I added unique id tags to each of the sections as well as changed the color scheme to make it more accessible. According to my new page has a score of 100/100.

For the Tetris app, I added colors for the Tetriminoes and the background of the grid. There's still a minor glitch that I need to fix, but you can test out a live version of the game here.

a monkey seated on a log with its hand up to its chin Photo by Juan Rumimpunu on Unsplash


I'm really happy with what I worked on today. I found it easier to stay motivated since I was working on personal projects (I think I studied for over an hour today). I know I'll need to get back to the freeCodeCamp curriculum soon to get back to learning JavaScript, but I'm happy I took the time to play around with these projects.


You can read my full log for #100DaysOfCode on GitHub